Nia Joseph

Nia Joseph

Nia Joseph is the author of one children’s book and is working on her next.
She loves exploring. Ideas. People. Places. Books. Experiences.
She has spent time in Europe and California, USA, for schooling and teaching yoga.

She is a trained interior architect, and experienced entrepreneur, and is currently the director of an India-based manufacturing venture of a Danish brand of interior products.

She and her husband came together in 2010 and are parents to three children - Rain, Levi and Luca.

They have been a big part of her journey to want to live more consciously; to be gentle on our Mother Earth. But, as a mother, she knows that the struggle is real. That it’s sometimes so much easier to say yes to that bottle of store-bought juice, than to make it. She has found solutions for some of these ‘obstacles to sustainable living’, found middle-paths for others and is still looking for many more.

She currently lives in Bangalore, and hopes to soon move back to her home in Kerala.
She believes that every one of us ( big, small and tiny) can incite change.
And that every day is an opportunity to do so.


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