How to Save a Whale

His friends in the ocean, they raced and they played
A whale and a turtle, and a little mermaid
Amongst nets, ropes and plastic, as far as could be
Carelessly thrown into the Arabian Sea.

It is festival time, and my brother—Kuttappan is taking part in the famous Vallam Kali.
But our friend, Neelam the Whale, is in trouble.
Join my brother and me, on an epic adventure, as we endeavour to save Neelam, win the race and clean our oceans.

‘How to Save a Whale’ is a beautifully illustrated story with a powerful message about plastic pollution.

Come! Dive in.

An entrepreneur by day and writer by candle-light, Nia Joseph is passionate about all things literature. Her current writing projects include a personal blog, short stories and a series of children’s books. As a writer, she aspires to bring humor and hope to even the darkest of truths. Nia Joseph, her husband and three young children live in Bangalore for the moment.