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Story First.


What Is Pirates

PIRATES is a unique creative house that brings you the best of both books and films, the only one in India.
Whether it is books or films, our only philosophy is STORY FIRST.
We have twin missions:
Remedy the real malaise of storytelling - sustenance - through careful character layering and plotting. You can call us story surgeons. Discover and nurture raw storytelling talent.


Pirates? A creative house set up by a couple of IITians and more with an eye for unique stories and ideas in all forms. Finally India is telling stories about India.
In a language that Indians speak. Like every change, this one is charged with sullying tradition. Yet, slowly but inevitably we are evolving our own grammar.
It is this grammar that we wish to capture, in words and images.


Mukund Sanghi (Founder)

Book lover, thinker and strategist: After graduating from IIT Delhi, he did his post graduation from Columbia University in the city of New York. He has had work experience of working in companies like Tata Motors and ITC Ltd. He belongs to one of Rajasthan's popular business family, and is currently running cinema halls, amongst other things. He recently produced a film. He is surely going to be directly reaching out to you, sooner or later.


Pirates has grown rapidly in the publishing industry. It has branched out into collaborative publishing which has added a lot of volume to its existing title list. Pirates has done a series of classics under Pirates Enhanced Editions banner. Paradox is a Pirates Imprint which deals in spiritual and related non-fiction works. We wish to continue to operate in a niche segment, focusing on quality and class.

Publishing with Pirates

Pirates has now grown into a powerful and highly respected publishing book company in India. Our titles have done tremendous success, including Anything for You, Ma'am by Tushar Raheja and 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup. We work in close coordination with our authors, and every manuscript is looked at, with utmost detail. Our review team looks at around five manuscripts at a time. Usually, we try to reach out to each and every submission with a follow up email. Once a manuscript is picked up by our review team, we make an attempt to reach out to the author and have a personal word. This is a beginning of a relationship that could last for years to come. After various rounds of review and discussions with the author, we confirm the author about our publishing intent. This is a turning point after which a plethora of teams start working in tandem to bring out the book in a way, which we are sure, is much beyond the imagination of all the people involved, including the author. It is hand-crafted and designed to come as close to perfection.

Our in-house design team, or talent from outside as per requirement, make sure every element of the book is picked, crafted and assembled to produce a synchronized melody of literature.

After an exciting and hectic process of production, the books reach our distribution hub in Delhi, from which they are shipped to every nook and corner of the country. We work with almost all the distribution companies and retail chains in the country today, and have a very rewarding relationship with all of them. Special focus is put on sales through ecommerce platforms.

There is a sales force, which tries to reach out to bookstores for promotional events and material. Marketing a book today requires a skill which we have acquired after years of being in the industry. Every communication is done keeping mind the achievement of widest reach for the book and its author. We always appreciate our authors to look at them as not just authors of one book, but as celebrities in their own sphere. They need to play that role with a lot of care and hard work.

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