Sara Suri, a beautiful and brazen twenty-three year old assistant professor goes to a university fest with her bestie. Bumping into Neil Lennon Kapoor, her pain in the butt student, is the last thing she expects, much less, making out with him in a kissing booth! Under a cloak of darkness, as their bodies come together, sparks begin to fly. Until the lights snap on and they realise who the other is. What follows is heated banter, where anger leads to passion and lots of angry sex. Each is unable to withstand the other’s forbidden charm, until they are struck by the depths of their feelings for each other, and the tables turn. They both want more. How will Neil and Sara bring their ultra forbidden relationship to fruition? Especially when Sara is trapped in the tentacles of a turbulent past. In this unconventional relationship that blossoms in forbiddance, how will Neil make his way to Sara? Can a union plagued with all kinds of failure manage to weave a life of its own? Unbelievably erotic, unconventionally romantic, and unimaginably gripping, Unpunishable is a book that will consume you and leave you wanting more.

Shlloka has written Unpunishable under the pen name “Sia”. Why? Let’s just say she is too complex, with a truck load of multiple personalities. It’s quite likely the next book she kicks out will be on nirvana ;) A product of St. Stephen’s and Delhi School of Economics, she has obsessed and done over a million things in life before realising her aim in life is Liberation/ Mukti/ Samadhi. No, seriously.