Romi & Gang


Romi and Gang
Ya Sports Drama

Deep in mofussil India, a reckless thirteen-year-old boy and his gang come of age in their pursuit to win a legendary cricket tournament.

  • An endearing, nostalgic look at the life in the Indian hinterland and its obsession with cricket.
  • Strong potential in the cricket-crazy Indian expatriate market.
  • A contemporary Swami and Friends meets Lagaan that has won rave reviews.
  • Beautifully illustrated in Pen and Ink.

ISBN : 9788192681009
Suggested Retail Price: gbp 5.99; usd 6.99


'A piquant tale of chasing your dreams and a reminder that there is some innocence left in everyone. It is a must read for all!'
The Hindu

‘‘It is the equivalent of watching Lagaan. The writing style in the book, set in a small town, Mauji, is such that you find yourself praying for every run.
- Hindustan Times

‘'With a lump-in-the-throat ending, the narrative makes us grow fond of the four, who are at that stage of boyhood where life revolves around cricket.
The Pioneer

‘Anything for you, ma’am is a delicacy of feelings with dollops of mischief and fun
- Asian Age

‘Raheja steers clear of the obvious trap... Romi never comes across as a hero who figures out mysteries that have stumped adults... It is a good attempt to take on a difficult subject, the childhood years of someone.
- Deccan Herald