My Daily 5-Minute Gratitude Journal

Life gets better bit by bit when we take a few minutes to become the authors of our story, when we claim responsibility for how we feel and what we do—and string our blank pages into chapters by spending a few minutes a day being grateful and noticing. - Christina Baldwin

‘My Daily 5-Minute Gratitude Journal’ is a castle in which when You will enter and sit down with closed eyes, not only will You see the beauty of the castle, but Your voice will reflect from the walls and allow You to listen.
Nishith Goyal is the creator of a unique self-development platform – ‘Be Better Bit-By-Bit’. Through this platform, he works with individuals and passes on the philosophy of ‘small and consistent’ improvements. ‘Be Better Bit-By-Bit’ aims to connect with individuals and help them discover their best selves.

He is a Chartered Accountant and works full time for a large private sector bank based in Mumbai, India. In addition to his work, he spends a lot of time reading, writing, and journaling. Journal writing is one of the consistent ingredients in his morning routine, and he daily writes self-awareness, gratitude, morning pages, positive affirmation, and dream journals.

Nishith is also an author, and his debut book - “Be Better Bit-By-Bit,” is available on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. He is a passionate runner, an ultra-Marathoner, and loves to go long distances.

Nishith aims to pass on the ‘Small and Consistent Improvements’ philosophy through his YouTube channel, Podcasts, and the ‘Be Better Bit-By-Bit’ platform. He considers self-awareness, mindfulness, habit building, and time management his primary skills.

When Nishith’s not busy developing the ‘Be Better Bit-By-Bit’ community, he loves meditating and spending time with himself, practicing yoga, managing the small balcony full of lovely plants and flowers, and above all nourishing himself through reading, self-reflection, and enjoying every moment of life in the company of family and friends.

Nishith stays in Mumbai with his wife and daughter. He is a native of the beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur.