Kavita Dharamvir

Kavita Dharamvir

When I brought this book together, I did not realize it would become a tribute to my dear husband, Dharamvir. Beautiful things are said with simple words and even more beautiful things are said without words. I have kept the book simple and now it has become a memory of a beautiful life that I shared with my husband amidst subtle realities.

The book revolves around a particular posting of the prestigious Indian Administrative Service – The Commissioner’s Residence – at the border outpost of Ferozepur.

Many evils roam such a prestigious life-style. The book pulls these out from behind the farce of the Indian Administrative fairytale… man made social evils, superstitions, perils of living at the border of India and of how the Indian Caste System can affect Bradford, Ferozepur, India, the world and the I.A.S.

I am married to an officer of the Indian Administrative Service. I live in Chandigarh, India. I did my schooling from Bradford, England where my family still resides.

I graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. I have done law from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University. I did my Master’s Degree through correspondence from Punjab University.

This book is in the size of a Novella and has 28,680 words.

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