How the Zebra


Harris Tobias
How the Zebra Got Its Stripes
Picture Book

Do you know that many, many centuries ago zebras were mere plain, white horses? This is the long forgotten legend of how the zebras came to be as know them today! This beautifully illustrated, charmingly told story expands imagination, teaches values and brings smiles to the little ones the world over.

ISBN : 9788193369654
Suggested Retail Price: gbp 8.99; usd 10.99

Harris Tobias
Dreamship Lullaby
Picture Book

Come along on a wonder filled cruise to a magical, dreamy, fantasy land. This soothing lullaby will quiet the restless and bring sleep to the weary.

isbn: 9789387004009
suggested retail price: gbp 6.99; usd 8.99

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