Hamir : The Fallen Prince of Ranthambore

“I orient my ears towards the rustle. In the distant foliage, I hear not a roar but a breath, and I wish I had something more than my humble shooting machine to save my life. My heart pounds and I tighten my grip on the camera. And without warning, tearing the leaves apart, pounces out from the dark, the magnificent creature of black and yellow stripes. I forget my dread for a moment and surrender to the regal presence. And then the prince roars. And flashes its dagger-like-teeth...”

Arjun Anand fell in love with Hamir at first sight. His obsession of following and chronicling the beast through his lens grew from hours to weeks to years. Now he takes us on this epic journey of the blue-eyed prince rising to become the ruler of the jungle, as it is pushed to the boundaries of the park. In doing so we witness a startling, gory collision of man and the wild.

This vivid, enchanting and sincere book showcases a convergence of three elements, Ranthambore, the photographer and the journey of the man-eating tiger, Hamir.

With over 150 photographs, Arjun Anand’s 'Hamir – The Fallen Prince of Ranthambore', takes you right into the Ranthambore National Park to witness the most enchanting beast and its bitter-sweet tale.
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Arjun Anand is a fine-art photographer based in India. He travels the world photographing people and landscapes but exotic wildlife is what he is most passionate about. He was first introduced to the wild in the mid-1980s during his family trips to the Bandhavgarh National Park.

Arjun is constantly experimenting with his work, incorporating principles of minimalism, grunge, the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, to name a few. Black and white is his medium of choice for its timelessness and the ability to remove distractions of colour, enabling the viewer to better connect with the subject. Even in the jungle, surrounded by the chaos of nature, Arjun seeks to capture the stillness and calm of life to create an emotional experience for the viewer.

More information about his work, exhibitions and limited edition prints can be sought through his website www.arjunanand.com

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