Gulgul, Ginni, Peepal, Papad and More

How did the turtle's shell become ugly and why is watermelon full of seeds?

Agni is desperate for the lost city of Mankilattu and Little Dhruv is trying to find the Elephant’s weight.

Princess Prajakta is being punished for gifting salt and Gulgul is accused of stealing sweets.

Nindia finds out why her ginni necklace is so precious.

All these and many more!

Get ready to be captivated, enlightened, and entertained in Ollie Grover’s world.
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Ollie Grover is the pen name of a creative storyteller who likes to whisk readers away on captivating adventures through his narratives. His stories spark the joy of discovery and unhindered, thrilling imagination.

In the realm of reality, Ollie is a practising smile-maker.

He lives in Jaipur with his wife and two children.