Ignite Your Genius!

The world around us can be a catalyst for creative inspiration anytime, anywhere, if we know how to see it that way. Learn to connect with your own genius more deeply and shift into new ways of seeing, and fold this ability to wonder and engage curiosity into your everyday life.

Eliza Lay Ryan teaches us how to cultivate supermindfulness, giving us greater access to the ability to be both present to our own experience, and open to new ways of thinking, feeling, and being so we can:
• Respond dynamically and authentically to life
• Shift our perspective
• Access our wholeness more fully
• Connect with each other more wholly

‘Supermindfulness allows us to see how we can shape ourselves and our environments while remaining authentic.’ - Dr. Jack McCarthy, Babson College, Management Division

‘Through these tools we introduce ourselves to the plenitude of optional lenses that we have inside of us.’ - Sally Taylor, Founder of Consenses

A speaker, teacher, and performing artist, Eliza Lay Ryan (MFA and CYT) has led acting programs and taught supermindfulness practices to people from all over the world. She collaborates in teaching and researching with leaders in neuroscience, business, wellness, and education. She has been teaching, collaborating, and creating for the past 15 years, earning her Masters in Fine Arts in Theater and a 250-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. She acts, directs, choreographs, and combines her backgrounds in the arts, science, education, and wellness to offer practical, fun, intuitive practices and frameworks that allow people to access greater empathy, creativity, and wholeness in the flow of their daily lives. She currently lives in the U.S. with her two largest sources of inspiration, her husband and daughter.