Love, Whatever that Means

Hi. I am Tina. I have a fabulous, uncomplicated life. I was unexpectedly promoted at my job at a TV news channel. I have quirky, adorable friends and a Mr. Army guy who seems like the one. What can go wrong! Turns out, a lot! My boss is a pervert, the job is meh and no friend is single any more. Also, the special someone is too intense to be true. Help me, someone! A punch in the nose, deep romance, lots of over-analyzing, a steamy kiss and pure, crazy Tina makes this book a fun read. Laugh out loud or shake your head giggling – Love, Whatever That Means- will warm your heart.



Aditi Mathur Kumar is a Digital Advertising Strategist, a Social Media Guru, one of India’s top bloggers, a cliché lover, an army wife, a super mom and an exceptional singer of ballads. Only two of those are true. Things Aditi loves are: Writing, travelling, reading, online shopping, eavesdropping at random cafés and oversharing. Her first book “Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life” is amazing and she assumes everyone has already read it. Aditi hopes to win a lottery and get instantly rich, but until then, she’ll be blogging.