1000 Kilograms of Goa

When Pratik’s ancestors had migrated from Goa 450 years ago, the only thing they had carried along with them was a treasure map. Passed over from generation to generation as an insignificant heirloom, Pratik and his curious sister Priya discover what it is, and share the sensational secret with their best friends.

A college reunion in Goa is planned, but what actually happens is an adventurous treasure hunt in the island village of Divar where they encounter crazy landlords, treacherous women, curious villagers and a mad, greedy Russian Don. While on their enthralling journey towards something that will change their lives forever, the friends discover many truths about friendship, gratitude, life and love.


Rohan Govenkar is a BSc in Geology, and handles a family business. He is also a social worker and is involved in many causes mainly pertaining to the welfare of Goa and its people. Though Rohan has no formal education in English literature, he is a self-taught creative writer who has perused dozens of books about creative writing and attended several workshops. Rohan is an active social media blogger, and manages a Facebook page called Goa + which has a following of 66,000 members.  His writing career began with his first book ‘1000 Kilograms of Goa’ which has been a huge success in Goa.